Automated Clearing House Routing Number 121000248 – WELLS FARGO BANK, NA

Automated Clearing House Routing Number 121000248 – WELLS FARGO BANK, NA 2023 List By State

Banking plays a crucial role in our daily lives. Each day, we engage with various banking methods and systems. Today, we will discuss the Automated Clearing House Routing Number 121000248 – WELLS FARGO BANK, NA Whether you are a current customer or considering opening an account with Alaska USA, comprehending the routing number is vital to ensure seamless and trouble-free transactions.

Routing numbers play a crucial role in the banking system, facilitating the smooth transfer of funds between financial institutions. One such routing number is 121000248, which is used by a specific bank. In this article, we will explore the importance of routing number 121000248 and how it impacts various banking transactions.

Full Detail About of Automated Clearing House (ACH) Routing Number 121000248

Routing Number 121000248
Date of Revision 091012
Address 255 2ND AVE SOUTH
State MN
ZIP 55479
Phone (800) 745-2426


What is Routing Number 121000248?

Overview of Routing Numbers

  • Definition of routing numbers
  • Purpose of routing numbers in the banking system

Understanding Routing Number 121000248

  • Explanation of routing number 121000248
  • Identification of the bank associated with this routing number

Importance of Routing Number 121000248

Facilitating Fund Transfers

  • How routing number 121000248 enables the transfer of funds between banks
  • Role of routing numbers in electronic transactions

Direct Deposits and Automatic Payments

  • How routing number 121000248 is used for direct deposits and automatic payments
  • Examples of transactions that require this routing number

Wire Transfers

  • Role of routing number 121000248 in wire transfers
  • Importance of accurate routing number for successful wire transfers

ACH Transactions

  • How routing number 121000248 is utilized in ACH transactions
  • Significance of routing numbers in automated clearing house transactions


Routing number 121000248 is a vital component of the banking system, enabling seamless fund transfers, direct deposits, automatic payments, wire transfers, and ACH transactions. Understanding the importance of routing numbers like 121000248 is essential for individuals and businesses to ensure smooth financial transactions.

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